We are the fastest growing HR and Payroll Management Service provider in India, committed towards creating an excellence in the HR & Payroll Management Service space. UFS is serving 3500 plus Manpower. we provide complete HR and Payroll solutions well suited for big to small enterprises, constantly aiming at leveraging the HR landscape by offering unique and smart HR and Payroll solution to clients.

A-HR Management Service

Staffing is placing the right resource at the right time at the right place, which is the need in this era of stiff competition. At UFS, our endeavor is to perfectly match your expectations with those of aspiring candidates. We provide experienced manpower from local, geographical and In-house or trained resources from our local training centers, we perform administrative duties for our client. Administrative and statutory support services include Guest House Management, arranging meetings, preparing reports, PF, ESIC, Taxes and financial data, training and supervising support staff, and performing other client requirements, UFS delivers travel management services that brings value to your travel procurement process and adds more savings along the way. Our expertise, people, services, and technology we provide will help you streamline your Business Travel.

B-Payroll Management Service:

UFS Manages the sum of all financials records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions, Expertise in amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time.

C- Training and Development

Training and development is a function of Human Resource that refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate employees’ learning of job-related competencies leading to overall development of Employee.

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